The College Park Car Wash has been serving the community since 1997. This self serve car wash offers several different cleaning services in order for you to get your car fresh and clean, without sacrificing convenience. Open 24 hours and located at 8616 Baltimore Avenue, this business is ideal for any locals to the College Park community. 


This car wash offers self serve car washing, with a variety of soap solutions, foaming brush, wax, rinse, and dryers so that cleaning is convenient and effective. The car wash is completely DIY, starting at just $1 to begin the wash. They also offer two hands-free drive-thru washes that are automatic and quick, with four different washing packages. Aside from exterior wash, they offer vacuum stations and other professional car products to complete the wash. You can view all of the details of their many services on their website. Be sure to check their online web cams to check availability.


Car washing is made easy at the College Park Car Wash. Visit today and wash your own car, use the automatic drive-thru wash, or use one of their many other services. Continue to support your local businesses at this time.
The College Park Car Wash
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