When two University of Maryland graduates came together to open a local business, they drew inspiration from one of their favorite pastimes – board games.

The Board and Brew serves up a variety of specialty coffee drinks.

The Board and Brew is a unique fusion of a restaurant, coffee shop, and board game scene. One of few board game cafés in the area, The Board and Brew attracts locals and folks from the greater Washington, D.C. area alike. The laid-back, friendly atmosphere can be sensed upon walking through the door. “People have a tendency to interact more with each other at The Board and Brew than other restaurants,” said Partner of The Board and Brew, Michael Chmar. “There is a great sense of community here.”

Owners Benjamin Epstein and Brian McClimens felt the need for a board game café in College Park, where people could gather to enjoy their favorite game with friends and family, over great coffee and food. “Unlike most restaurants that live and die on their specific cuisine, we provide a broad range of appeals to people,” said Chmar. “We have 700+ board games here that appeal to everyone from little kids and families, to serious board game players.”

The restaurant is a popular hangout for many!

The restaurant hosts a variety of weekly community events, such as Meetup Monday for serious gamers, open mic night every other Tuesday, and trivia night on Thursdays.

In just four years, The Board and Brew has become a well-established and beloved social scene. Chmar states that being integrated in the community is very important to the business. “We are going to start a restaurant industry night on Sundays, where local restaurant owners can come in and play games and meet fellow community members,” said Chmar.

College Park has proved to be the ideal home for The Board and Brew, inviting a variety of customers from the greater Washington, D.C. area. “While the goal is to expand to new locations, we have every intention to stay here in College Park,” said Chmar.

Good coffee, tasty food, and fun games: The Board and Brew has it all
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