There’s a new restaurant attracting residents, visitors, students, professors, and professionals in the area. Old Maryland Grill is the new go-to for a date night, business lunch, and everything in between.

Situated right across the University of Maryland, in The Hotel at UMD, Old Maryland Grill is a hub for conferences and visitors to the area. Blending warm, inviting ambiance with high quality eats, the Grill offers a new kind of dining experience on Baltimore Avenue.

The restaurant embodies the spirit of College Park, and greater Maryland, with its tailored décor and artwork. The 3D mural displayed in the main dining room captures Maryland’s colorful and diverse identity.

The menu is expansive, with options ranging from fresh seafood to colossal salads. The baked mac and cheese is a must!

The restaurant even has its own in-house pastry chef, whipping up delicious desserts; like the daily donut and the famous Smith Island cake.

Pictured above: Annie Clemmons, pastry chef.

Check out what’s cooking at Old Maryland Grill next time you’re celebrating, meeting a coworker, or just treating yourself to a special meal! Reserve a table today, you won’t regret it!

OMG! Old Maryland Grill brings sophisticated dining to College Park
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