With President Loh’s retirement from the University of Maryland this week, College Park has reached the end of an era. As a leader at the University for almost ten years, Loh has helped conceptualize some of the town’s major developments, led several notable initiatives, and impacted the lives of thousands of Terps. In honor of this transition to new leadership, we encouraged members of the CP community to reflect on their own memories in this town for our latest Gift Card Giveaway. This week, we asked participants the following question: “President Loh is retiring this week… Which College Park spot would you take him to as a thank you for his years of service to the university and community?”

We received 117 responses, and some of the participants offered very creative and heartfelt answers. Taqueria Habanero, which was one of the restaurants featured in this week’s giveaway, was the most popular answer. In describing this authentic Mexican eatery, one participant shared that she visited Taqueria Habanero for her recent birthday, and that it “did not disappoint!” Another participant stated that she would take Loh there and “buy him as many margaritas as he wants!” Finally, a few participants who chose this restaurant simply insisted that Loh would love it. 

College Park Grill, another restaurant included in this week’s giveaway, was a common answer among participants as well. Most participants chose not to elaborate on their answer for this one; however, one did suggest that the restaurant would be a great choice to take Loh to because “he’s classy fellow.” We agree that, as one of College Park’s more elegant restaurants, College Park Grill is a great destination for more formal dining experiences.  

The next most common answer was The Board and Brew, also featured in this week’s giveaway. With hundreds of board games for its customers to play while they eat, this local restaurant is a great destination for guests who want to relax and have fun. One of the respondents attested to this, writing in her response that The Board and Brew has “enough game choices there so everyone can find something they enjoy.”

Like always, the responses to this question of the week varied significantly, and participants offered many other unique answers as well. To hear more of them early next week, keep following along with the #CollegeParkScene blog! 

Farewell Dinners with President Loh
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