If you’ve spent a lot of time in College Park, you’re most likely familiar with the terms “Testudo” and “Fearless Ideas.” As the home of Maryland’s flagship university, the city of College Park is passionate about creating an environment that fosters the University’s vision for fearless ideas, with a surrounding community that inspires and promotes creative thinking, innovative problem-solving, and doing good.

In this week’s Gift Card Giveaway, participants shared with us which local restaurants they consider to be the best for “feeding” these ideas. We received a variety of fun and creative answers in response to our question, “Which College Park restaurant is Testudo’s go-to spot? He needs some brain food to come up with his fearless ideas!” The most common responses to this question included The Hall CP and Sweetgreen, two restaurants that were featured in this week’s giveaway. 

The Hall CP, which opened at the beginning of this year, “seamlessly combines the services of a cafe, bar, sit-down restaurant, lounge, and music venue—all under the same roof.”  Respondents who favored The Hall CP were particularly passionate about their pizza in this survey, but guests love The Hall for its atmosphere as well as the food. At this establishment, terps and other individuals in the area can find a relaxing space to work, socialize, and/or collaborate with one another while they enjoy the food. 

Sweetgreen, which specializes in build-your-own salads, is also a perfect choice for anyone seeking a delicious meal that encourages brainpower. Not only does this restaurant provide a fresh and healthy fast food option for customers, but it makes efforts to do so in an environmentally sustainable way. Ingredients are sourced locally, and 80% of the waste produced is compostable (1). The company also promotes values that align with UMD’s Fearless Ideas campaign, such as thinking sustainably, making a positive impact, and creating solutions where everyone wins (2). 

We agree that both of these spots are great for coming up with fearless ideas. To find out which other local restaurants were mentioned, make sure to keep up with #CollegeParkScene! 



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Food that Promotes Fearless Ideas
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