On Friday, we shared some of the responses we received for our fourth College Park Gift Card Giveaway question of the week, which was “Which College Park restaurant would you most like to take a cooking class at? What are you making off their menu?” As we mentioned, all five of last week’s featured restaurants (Aroy Thai, Potomac Pizza, Looney’s Pub, Shanghai Tokyo Cafe, and Vigilante Coffee) were recognized by multiple participants for their unique dishes. In addition, participants mentioned 26 additional restaurants, with more than 40 unique menu items. 

These results showed that Potomac Pizza isn’t the only Italian favorite in College Park, for instance. Half a dozen participants would love to visit The Original Ledo Restaurant (commonly referred to as Ledo’s) to learn the secrets of their trademark square-shaped, thin-crust pizzas. One respondent also noted his love for Ledo’s calzones. 

Taqueria Habanero, the most popular restaurant in our previous giveaway question, was notably popular among the past week’s respondents as well. Participants listed tacos and frijoles charros as the dishes they would most like to master at this local Mexican restaurant. 

Northwest Chinese, which offers authentic Chinese cooking, stood out to participants for a variety of exotic dishes, including the red oil sesame dumplings, pan-seared knife-cut noodles, liang pi cold skin noodles, and black vinegar peanuts. 

Several restaurants and eateries were recognized for less typical menu items. For example, The Hall CP, one of College Park’s newest establishments, was featured in last week’s responses by more than one participant for its street cauliflower, as well as its hummus. A few other participants cited NuVegan Cafe as their ideal place to learn how to make (vegan) mac & cheese, cinnamon rolls, and a crispy “chicken” sandwich. Finally, another participant told us that if he could take a cooking class at any restaurant in College Park, he would learn to make The Jerk Pit’s homemade ginger beer. 

While the restaurants in College Park may not be offering cooking lessons, they do offer an endless selection of unique and authentic dishes, as well as wonderful service. Next time you are looking to expand your tastes, there recommendations would be a great place to start.

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