Yesterday, we celebrated another round of local College Park restaurants by giving out 10 new gift cards through our College Park Gift Card Giveaway program. This week’s lucky winners received gift cards to R.J. Bentley’s, Bagels ‘n Grinds, Pho Thom, Hanami, and Mamma Lucia after answering our question of the week, which was, “What is your favorite College Park restaurant to bring your family and friends to? Choose any College Park restaurant!” 

Participants named a total of 31 different locally-owned restaurants as their favorites, including all five of the restaurants featured in this week’s giveaway. The responses demonstrated a diverse range of tastes among community members, varying between classic American bar food and cuisines of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Jamaican, Italian, Greek, and Thai origin. 

The most popular survey response was Taqueria Habanero, which a dozen participants listed as their favorite restaurant. Habanero College Park is the second establishment opened by couple Dio and Mirna Montero, who are both native to Puebla, Mexico. Following the success of their original location in Washington, DC, the Monteros brought their Mexican specialty to College Park in 2018, where it has quickly become a delight among University students and the surrounding community. 

Also notably popular among participants were three of this week’s featured restaurants, including Pho Thom, Mamma Lucia, and R.J. Bentley’s, as well as The Original Ledo’s Restaurant and Northwest Chinese. Pho Thom, which specializes in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, is the perfect restaurant to visit any time you’re looking for rich and authentic stir-fry, noodles, fried rice, and of course, pho. 

The local Mamma Lucia restaurant, which is located on Cherry Hill Road, is one of six establishments owned by entrepreneurs Bruno and Jimmy, who share a passion for this Italian cuisine. The restaurant includes mouth-watering pasta dishes such as Sausage Napolitana, Eggplant Parmigiana, and Penne Primavera. Considering the fact that Bruno grew up among native Italian parents who owned a restaurant of their own, it’s no surprise that Italian-food lovers in College Park love Mamma Lucia.

In addition, the one and only R.J. Bentley’s Restaurant is a College Park tradition. Founded by University of Maryland alumni, this casual restaurant embraces its “roadhouse” theme through classic American dishes, happy-hour specials six days a week, and walls decked out in license plates and automobile accessories from all over the country. Located right across from College Park shopping center, this restaurant is easily a favorite among students and families in town. 

Finally, The Original Ledo’s Restaurant and Northwest Chinese also stood out for giveaway participants, and you can read these restaurants’ individual #CollegeParkScene articles to find out more.

Don’t forget to enter next week’s giveaway and keep supporting local businesses! 

Favorite Local College Park Restaurants
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