If you could eat at any restaurant every day for the rest of your life, which one would you choose? Earlier this week, almost 170 participants answered a question similar to this one in their College Park Gift Card Giveaway entries.

On Wednesday, we opened our second weekly raffle, offering gift cards for the following local restaurants: Cornerstone Grill & Loft, Krazi Kebob, Milk and Honey Cafe, Pho D’Lite, and Nuvegan Cafe. In our question of the week, we asked participants which of these restaurants they would eat at for the rest of their lives, if they were to choose. Respondents answered in terms of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, telling us which restaurant they’d pick for each meal. 

Not surprisingly, Milk and Honey Cafe was the overwhelmingly popular choice for breakfast. This restaurant’s brunch-based menu features classic breakfast items such as french toast and pancakes, as well as more elaborate dishes like the Crab Cake Benedict, Lobster Egg & Cheese Croissant, and Buffalo Tater Tots. The fact that over 100 customers would be eager to kick off their mornings with these tasty delicacies comes as no surprise. 

In terms of lunch and dinner, the survey responses varied much more widely among all five restaurants. Krazi Kebob, which offers a fusion of Indian and Pakistani cuisine in a modern, build-your-own fashion, was selected in the lunch category among over one-third of participants, making it the top choice for this meal. Pho D’Lite, which also specializes in Asian fusion, was the second-most popular choice for lunch, attracting almost another one-third of respondents. 

Finally, the restaurant where most participants would choose to eat dinner for the rest of their lives is Cornerstone Grill & Loft. This sports bar, which specializes in burgers, sandwiches, and grilled chicken, was the most common #1 choice for a gift card among all of the participants in the giveaway. Fortunately for these customers, the restaurant reopened its patio for outdoor seating this week, so you do not have to wait any longer to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and great food! 

We loved hearing all of these responses, and if you did not win this week, we encourage you to enter again next week, when we support our third round of businesses. To learn more about the giveaway and enter for a chance to win, please visit our giveaway page.

Favorite Restaurants for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
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