Last week, members of the College Park community participated in our first weekly College Park Gift Card Giveaway by sharing with us what they love most about our featured restaurants. On Saturday, we highlighted some of these responses on our blog, calling special attention to responses to Bagel Place and The Jerk Pit. The remaining three restaurants (Marathon Deli, New York Deli, and Azteca) produced equal enthusiasm, however, and definitely deserve recognition as well.

Almost all participants who ranked Marathon Deli as their favorite did so on account of the gyro. Whether it comes in the form of a value meal, platter, or sub, this Greek speciality has been attracting customers within and outside of College Park for years. Participants describe these meals as “top-notch,” the “best ‘cheat’ meal in town,” and an “‘oh, go on, treat yourself!’ kind of lunch,” claiming that “the gyro at Marathon Deli is ranked #1 for a reason.” They also commend this restaurant for its fresh ingredients, fast service, and grateful staff. 

New York Deli was also recognized more than once for its fresh ingredients. In contrast to the Greek deli, however, New York Deli’s top menu items covered a wider variety. Most commonly, customers shared their love for the Crispy Ranch Wrap, Club Sandwich, and Reuben, using words like “fantastic” and “crisp” to describe these meals. 

Finally, Azteca Restaurant and Catina, which specializes in Mexican and Salvadoran cuisine, was adored by participants. Many responses favored the “delicious” fajitas and enchiladas, although customers also mentioned the seafood, chile relleno, and margaritas. Some respondents could not decide on a single menu item, claiming that they enjoy everything from this restaurant. 

We loved hearing your responses, and we encourage you to enter our second giveaway, which is now open. This week, we are featuring The Cornerstone Grill & Loft, Krazi Kebob, Milk and Honey Cafe, Pho D’Lite, and NuVegan. As participant Laura wrote in her entry last week, there’s “nothing like a restaurant where people recognize you, appreciate your business and make food intended to make you happy!” so make sure to show your support!

Favorite Meals at Marathon, New York Deli, and Azteca
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