This week marked the beginning of our College Park Gift Card Giveaway program, which supports local restaurants in College Park. To encourage widespread enthusiasm and appreciation for these businesses, we asked participants to tell us what their favorite meals are from this week’s featured restaurants (Bagel Place, Marathon, The Jerk Pit, New York Deli, Azteca), and why. Unsurprisingly, the responses from almost 170 participants varied greatly, recognizing each restaurant as a beloved part of the College Park community.

Fans of Bagel Place raved about the freshness and indulgence of the shop’s bagels, expressing that these unique bread rolls are “always toasted to perfection” and that they make the “perfect meal for any time of day.” At this restaurant, some of the most popular creations include the pizza bagel, egg and cheese sandwich, and cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese. Customers also shared less-known favorites, such as an open-face toasted sesame bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon, which has had one of Bagel Place’s customers coming back to the restaurant for over 20 years.

Although completely different in cuisine, local Jamaican restaurant The Jerk Pit is also highly popular. With an overwhelming preference toward the restaurant’s “unbeatable” jerk chicken, participants almost unanimously attest that The Jerk Pit is the place to go for anyone craving spicy Jamaican chicken. Nevertheless, customers also acclaim many of the other flavorful menu items, such as the Jerk Tofu, fried plantains, and coco bread.

The winners of this week’s giveaway have been announced on our Facebook and Instagram. To learn more about the giveaway and enter next week, please visit our giveaway page.

Favorite Meals at Bagel Place and The Jerk Pit
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