The Partnership’s greatest asset is its networking capability. Here are some useful College Park and University resources for our community:

The University Office of Real Estate

The Office of Real Estate at the University of Maryland works to support the economic growth and revitalization of the College Park community by leasing property, managing land records and tracking local market conditions.

CLICK HERE to check out their brand new website and learn more about Office of Real Estate projects and growth in College Park.

Also, CLICK HERE to see the College Park Development map built as part of the new site.

ShopCollegePark is a website dedicated to informing residents and visitors about College Park’s many local businesses, events and attractions. Learn more HERE. is a dynamic website that knits seamlessly all the activities and information folks looking to live in College Park need to know. Learn all about living in the City: its neighborhoods, amenities, attractions, and more by clicking HERE.

UMD Office of Community Engagement

The UMD Office of Community Engagement helps to develop greater College Park by connecting the University of Maryland and surrounding neighbors. CLICK HERE to learn more about their work.

City Neighborhood Quality of Life Committee 

This committee supports implementation of approved strategies, continues to develop new strategies, and evaluates progress that is made in efforts to improve quality of life in College Park. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Greater College Park

Greater College Park links dynamic academic buildings, a public-private research hub and vibrant downtown community. The progress is the realization of the University District Vision, a collaborative effort spearheaded by the College Park City-University Partnership that also features sustainability, transportation, schools and safety. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Prince George’s County Transit Vision

Prince George’s County is developing a five-year plan for improving and expanding transit within the County. The plan will evaluate potential methods for improving public transportation in the County. We will focus on local bus service, taxis, private providers and other best practices for improving access to public transportation services. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Community revitalization