The Outdoor Performance Series is a weekly outdoor performance series that supports the vision of a sustainable, walkable, vibrant top-20 college town. It is a collaboration between the College Park City-University Partnership, the University Office of Community Engagement, College Park Arts Exchange, the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, the University of Maryland’s School of Music, and the City of College Park.

This year, the Series hosted a total of 28 events – 16 performances and 1 special event in the Spring with over 400 people attending, 11 in the fall with over 170 people attending. In 2018, over 570 people have attended these events, which occurred on Mondays and Fridays in College Park.

In Fall 2018, the Partnership invited local, independently owned, businesses to participate at these events. Local businesses that participated included: Fishnet, OpenBarre Studios, Proteus Bicycles, JTCC and Numi Yoga (in spirit).



Thanks to our supporters, this season was by far the best one yet:

University of Maryland’s Office of Community Engagement
College Park Arts Exchange
The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center
The University of Maryland’s School of Music
The City of College Park

Also, special thanks to:

Subway, 7411 Baltimore Avenue, for the power at Little Tavern Park
The Terrapin Development Corporation & Prince George’s County Parks for use of the spaces
The Hotel at the University of Maryland and OpenBarre Studios for an excellent special event on the Hotel rooftop, Barre with a View!
Fishnet, JTCC, OpenBarre Studios, Proteus Bicycles, and Numi Yoga for participating in our first business/art collaboration

Fall Series Video:

Spring Series Video:

2018 Outdoor Performance Series Report