Work is underway on a much-needed sidewalk between Albion Road and Riverdale Park Station. This work is a collaboration between the College Park City-University Partnership, the City of College Park, Prince George’s County, Riverdale Station, and the State of Maryland.

The Partnership was awarded a $350,000 state bond bill to increase pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure between College Park and Riverdale Park Station. Working with the City, County, and property owner, construction began in early December, with completion expected in winter/spring 2018. This work includes the completion of a pervious, ADA-compliant sidewalk and lighting across WMATA land along Baltimore Avenue. This one block stretch lacks sidewalk and because of topography, it is dangerous, forcing pedestrians into the busy road.


The Hyattsville Wire 1-4-18

The Diamondback 2-14-18

Safe Pedestrian Connection to Riverdale Park Station

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